Chemical Solutions

Zirconium Conversion Coating

When local regulations limit or prohibit phosphate discharge, Torch Surface Technologies Bond Guard ZRC zirconium based conversion coatings are an excellent alternative.  When selecting a zirconium conversion coating, here are some things to consider:

  • Metal to be coated – steel, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc die cast, galvanize, etc.
  • Application – spray or immersion
  • Salt spray – any corrosion testing requirements?
  • Single step or multi-stage



Bond Guard ZRC is a family of zirconium conversion coating processes to provide advanced bonding and anti-corrosion treatment for all metals. Formulated to replace conventional Iron or Zinc phosphate products in pretreatment applications with outstanding performance. This unique process will provide significant cost saving advantages by reducing energy consumption and disposal costs, improving process performance and eliminating phosphates and related chemicals and waste from your process.

  • Environmental Advantages, Phosphate Free
  • Improved Salt Spray Performance (> 1000 hours)
  • Reduced Total Processing Cost (Up to 50% v. Iron Phosphate)
  • Ambient Temperature Operation Capabilities.
  • Reduced Energy Expense
  • Significantly Reduced Scaling and Sludging
  • Reduced Waste (Never Dump, No chemical by product sludge)
  • Multi Metal Use (Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Galvanize)