Chemical Solutions

Zinc Plating

Zinc is a sacrificial metal that provides functional and decorative properties over steel. Zinc can be electrolytically applied through an acid chloride or an alkaline hydroxide based solution. JSA represents PAVCO’S zinc plating, chromating and top coating technologies. All zinc plating systems are NOT the same and PAVCO continues to research and develop products that outperform the high standards they have set in the industry.

PAVCO Smart Zinc™ Premier – High Performance Acid Chloride Plating Process

  • Temperature Stable – higher temperature reduces high current density build up
  • Increased Productivity – faster plating rate and increased load sizes
  • Higher Salt Tolerance – increased chloride concentration improves throwing power
  • Improved Usage – up to 1 gallon per 30,000 amp hours
  • Higher Cost – per gallon yes, but lower overall usage cost and tremendous production benefits

PAVCO Merlin™ – High Performance Alkaline Zinc Plating Process

  • Simple – Merlin™ does not contain chelators or complexors that can hurt waste treatment
  • Efficient – easy to operate with few additives; purifier built into the system
  • Temperature – can be run up to 110°F without issue; possible to eliminate chiller
  • Brightness – very high level of brightness achievable
  • Options – can be operated with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide


PAVCO has been in business since 1948 and their commitment to the metal finishing industry is on display at their new research and development complex shown here: PAVCO Research & Development Facility

PAVCO’S latest Zinc Plating, Chromate and Top Coat Technologies

  • Acid Chloride Zinc – increased productivity, higher brightener mileage, increased brightness
  • Chromates – increased corrosion protection, cobalt-free, can be baked
  • Top Coats – tremendous corrosion protection, high temperature stable, abrasion resistant