Chemical Solutions

Zinc Plating Dyes

Metalline powdered dyes are used for coloring zinc plated & chromated parts. The dyes absorb into the chromate film that protects the zinc from corroding. Here are some things to consider when dying zinc plated parts:

  • Use a high protection thick film trivalent chromate
  • PAVCO’S  HyproTec 1010 chromate absorbs dyes well and produces bright colors
  • It is important to test each dye with the chromate being used
  • Time, temperature and pH are important for optimum dye absorption


METALLINE Powdered Dyes are in stock for prompt delivery and 1 lb. samples available upon request:

  • METALLINE Red Dye #10
  • METALLINE Blue Dye #5
  • METALLINE Green Dye #2 – more teal green
  • METALLINE Green Dye #5 – ground screw green

For the best trivalent yellow process use PAVCO HyproTec 1010 with PAVCO HyproTri Yellow colorant.  Deep yellow iridescent colors are possible.  Contact JSA for the optimum concentrations and to schedule a trail.