Chemical Solutions

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc phosphates provide a corrosion resistant base for paint and a crystalline structure for oil absorption.  When selecting a zinc phosphate it is important to consider the following:

  • Application – cold forming, extruding, wire processing, tube drawing, etc.
  • Coating weight requirement – 500 – 3000 mg/ft2
  • Crystalline structure
  • Corrosion resistant requirements
  • Post treatment requirement – wax, oil, lubricant, etc.


Torch offers a comprehensive and innovative line of phosphate coating technologies that offer significant Process, Energy & Environmental advantages. A complete line of coatings designed for corrosion resistance, cold forming lubrication, break-in, pre-paint treatments & rubber bonding.

TCJ Zinc Phosphates

“Heavy” zinc phosphates designed to provide the ultimate performance in corrosion protection for Phos & Oil and Dip Spin Applications.

  • Low Temperature Operation: As low as 140°f
  • Nickel Free
  • Ultra Low Sludging: Up to 75% less than traditional heavy zinc phosphates
  • Versatile: Coating Weight Ranges from 500 mg/ft2 to > 2000 mg/ft2
  • Performance: Meets automotive & military specifications

Micron MC Phosphates

A family of microcrystalline zinc phosphates designed for cold forming, extruding, tube drawing and wire processing applications.

  • Durable: withstands the most severe deformation and drawing jobs.
  • Grain Structure: provides a dense, uniform, tight micro crystalline grain that is an ideal carrier for subsequent coatings of Soap Lube or Poly Lube polymer coatings.
  • Available with Nickel or Nickel Free formulations.

Micron MP Phosphates

A microcrystalline family of zinc phosphates used to improve adhesion and salt spray performance of paints and coatings. Automotive, Military, Appliance, Furniture & General Industry.

  • Lower Temperature Operation
  • Reduced Sludging and Waste
  • Multi Metal Capabilities: Ferrous, Zinc Galvanize, Aluminum
  • Uniform tight grain crystals: 2-10 micron
  • Immersion & Spray Applications
  • Maximum Adhesion & Corrosion resistance