Chemical Solutions

Trivalent Chrome Plating

Decorative trivalent chrome electroplating is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hexavalent chrome plating processes. There are two main categories of trivalent chrome electroplating systems: chloride (PAVCO Deco-Tri) and sulfate (PAVCO Hex-A-Gone). When selecting a trivalent chrome plating process, consider the following:

  • Hex-A-Gone sulfate based system provides color closest to hexavalent chrome
  • Deco-Tri uses graphite anodes, Hex-A-Gone uses costly mixed metal coated titanium anodes
  • Deco-Tri operating temperature 90F, Hex-A-Gone 125F
  • Deco-Tri uses air agitation, Hex-A-Gone uses cathode rod or solution agitation
  • Both systems require Ion Exchange to remove metallic contaminants
  • Both system provide a substantial increase in productivity over hex chrome
  • Both systems have a lower viscosity and provide a reduction in waste treatment costs compared to hex chrome


PAVCO Hex-A-Gone 1020

Hex-A-Gone 1020 offers higher bath efficiencies that result in plating rates of 3 microinches per minute or 0.08 microns/minute along with throwing power that delivers thicknesses exceeding 20 microinches and a 30-50% increase in rack productivity. Hex-A-Gone 1020 delivers this while granting a color comparable to hex chrome, ease of operation and good tolerance to metallic impurities.

PAVCO Deco-Tri

DecoTri is a chloride based decorative trivalent chromium electroplating process that has exceptional throwing power, ease of operation and excellent tolerance to metallic impurities. DecoTri is eliminates the hazards of standard hexavalent chrome systems while providing superior brightness, distribution, increased productivity and corrosion resistance while eliminating “white wash” effect and common waste treatment issues.

PAVCO Hex-A-Gone Revolution

Barrel application trivalent chromium system, offering bulk processing of parts that were previously rack-plated. Hexagone Revolution maximizes efficiency by reducing labor costs and increasing production volume, with a true chromium deposit that outperforms its faux chrome competitors.

PAVCO TriOnyx™

TriOnyx™ is a decorative black trivalent chromium electroplating process that is highlighted by exceptional throwing power, ease of operation and excellent tolerance to metallic impurities. TriOnyx™ black trivalent process produces very dark deposits for the specialty decorative finishing market, particularly in the automotive industry. The dark deposit is compatible on all nickel finishes and is especially attractive over satin nickel deposit. Along with low operational costs, TriOnyx™ significantly reduces waste treatment costs and concerns with the elimination of hexavalent chromium.