Metal Finishing Equipment

Time Based Meters with Pump

The JP Tech Time Based Meter & Pump replenishes up to two chemical additives at a time, removing the human error and providing consistency while minimizing rejects.

  • Additions based on calculated chemical usage and time
  • Meter can be connected to a limit switch for automatic additions
  • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
  • Chemicals can also be added manually with a push of a button
  • JSA technical representatives help determine replenishment volumes and time

When requesting a quote please include:

  • Description of the chemical process
  • Number of additives being used
  • pH of the solution
  • Temperature of the solution


Automatically replenishing metal finishing chemical process solutions is a key ingredient to maintaining consistency and quality. The mechanisms used include pH, amperage and time. The JP Tech Time Based Meter & Pump systems are designed to replenish two components simultaneously based on usage and solution drag-out. After each rack or barrel load of parts exits the tank, the Time Based Meter & Pump engages and replenishes a predetermined amount of chemistry to maintain concentration and pH. Frequent monitoring, analysis and pump adjustments are necessary, but with minimal effort a high level of consistency can be achieved.