Metal Finishing Equipment

Tank Magnets

When parts fall off of racks or a plating barrel accidentally opens in a tank, it is imperative that the parts be removed from the bottom of the tank as soon as possible. Iron is a contaminant in most metal finishing process solutions. Fortunately there are tank magnets designed to remove all sizes of parts from your tanks. When requesting a quote please including the following information:

  • Brief description of the chemical solution
  • Brief description of the parts; size, weight
  • Depth of the process tank


Most metal finishing shops use tank magnets to drag their tanks at least once a day, usually at the end of a shift. This is a great habit to get into because it will extend the life of the chemistry and ultimately help to reduce operating costs.

Tank magnets are available in several sizes and styles. The rotary tank tools allows you to roll the magnet along the bottom of the tank to retrieve small parts or particles. Often air lines will have to be removed briefly to do a clean sweep.

Heavy Duty Tank Magnets are used when heavy parts fall off and the rotary tank magnet is not strong enough to pick them up.