Metal Finishing Equipment

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps provide a quick and simple way to empty process tanks or overflow pits.  For metal finishing applications it is important to use a pump that will be resistant to corrosive environments like the BJM PERFECTA® Series line of pumps.

  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-metallic dewatering pump
  • NORYL® non-metallic dewatering pump for chemical resistance against strong acids and alkalis
  • Compact, lightweight and highly durable
  • Oil-filled motor’s internal overload prevents overheating
  • Vertical port for deep/narrow applications
  • Built-in float switch for automatic operation (optional)


There are a number of things to consider when selecting a sump pump for your metal finishing application.  Please provide the following information when requesting a quote:

  • Description of the Solutions Being Pumped
  • Volume of Solution Being Pumped
  • Pumping Speed
  • Distance the Solution Needs to be Pumped

If replacing an existing sump pump, please provide the following information when requesting a quote:

  • Pump Manufacturer and Part Number
  • If No Manufacturer and Part Number are Available, Please Provide the Information Requested Above