Metal Finishing Equipment

Steam Coils

Heating with steam is typically very efficient and cost effective. There are many design options for steam coils, and selecting the right style will help maximize efficiency. The first decision to make is if an internal (inside the tank) or external (outside the tank) steam coil will be used.  When requesting a quote for either style, please provide the following information:

  • Description of the solution being heated
  • Process tank dimensions & solution volume
  • Starting temperature and operating temperature
  • Preferred heat up time
  • Steam pressure at the tank in psi


There are five main styles of steam coils:

  • Compact welded plate external heat exchanger – commonly used with electroless nickel
  • Plate & Frame external heat exchanger – used for industrial cleaners, phosphates, etc.
  • Spaghetti fluoropolymer coils – used where high chemical resistance heating is required
  • In-tank plate coils – used in industrial cleaners, phosphates, electroless nickel, etc.
  • In-tank grid and serpentine coils – used in many plating tanks, industrial cleaners, etc.


External Heat Exchangers

Grid Coils

Plate & Frame Coils

Plate Coils

Serpentine Coils

Spaghetti Coils

Teflon Coils