Metal Finishing Equipment

Spin Dryers

Centrifugal Dryers or Spin Dryers are an essential part of every barrel finishing line.  Drying parts effectively helps to minimize staining and improve corrosion resistance.  There are several dryer manufacturers that offer a variety of size options.

  • Manufacturers – Desco, New Holland, Nobles
  • Desco Dryer Models (basket size) – Model 88 (8″x 8″), Model 1010 (10″x 10″), Model 1212 (12″x 12″), Model 1818 (18″x 18″), Model 2318 (23″x 18″), Model 2420 (24″x 20″), Model 3024 (30″x 24″)
  • New Holland Models (basket size) – Model K11 (6″x 6″), Model K24 (12″x 12″), Model K90 (18″x 18″), K94 (18″x 24″)
  • Nobels Models (basket size) – Model T6 (6″x 6″), Model T22 (12″x 12″), Model T28 (12″x 18″), Model T88 (18″x 18″), Model T231 (23″x 18″), Model T302 (30″x 24″)


As a full service metal finishing supplier, JSA is able to provide pricing on new units along with replacement parts for all brands of centrifugal dryers.  When requesting a quote please provide the following information:

  • Model Number and Manufacturer of the Dryer
  • Steam or Electric Heat – Steam PSI and/or Voltage and Phase Requirements
  • Description and/or Picture of the Parts Needed
  • Quantity of Dryers or Parts Needed
  • New Dryer Options – Variable Speed, Soft Start, Timed Cycles, Automatic Cycling, Reversing Switch, Temperature Control