Chemical Solutions

Scale Removal

Carbon scale from heat treating, welding and annealing can cause costly rejects if not completely removed in the pretreatment process.  Critical steps are as follows:

  • Soak Cleaning – Strong alkaline cleaner necessary to remove baked on oils
  • Electro-Cleaning – High alkalinity necessary to carry current & smut reducers to remove dark residue
  • Alkaline De-Scaler – Product like Metalline D-Scale L-2005 will oxidize carbon scale and make it easy to remove in the acid pickle
  • Acid Pickle – High concentration of hydrochloric acid with a detergent acid additive
  • Acid Additive – Product like Metalline Ambienol C will inhibit iron build-up, extend acid life, improve carbon scale removal and reduce fuming


Carbon scale could be a problem if:

  • You are having to run parts through a second time to get them to come out right
  • You have to extend your acid pickle time to remove dark stains on the parts
  • You have to pre-clean parts to eliminate rejects
  • You have to increase the concentration of your acid pickle each time you run a certain part

Scale removing chemistries, additives and strategies are available to help reduce your cleaning time and your reject rate.