Metal Finishing Equipment

Sand Filters

The SERFILCO TITAN Sand Filter is a series of automatic backwash systems which use permanent filter media of a specific size, shape and density that creates a filter bed through which contaminated solution is fed at controlled limits of flow and pressure.
Microprocessor control automatically maintains constant design flow without compacting particles onto the media bed.

TITAN systems are specifically designed for use with most aqueous process solutions including cleaners, plating and other metal finishing solutions, and treated final effluents.

When requesting more information or a quotation, please include the following information:

  • Description of solution being filtered
  • Size of the process tank
  • Operating temperature


The combination of high flow permanent media, automatic operation and proven success makes the SERFILCO TITAN sand filter superior to any other filter available. Easy to install and operate, manufactured with high quality corrosion resistant materials, TITAN systems will provide years of trouble-free operation.


  • Automatic, Permanent media, High flow systems
  • Produces sparkling clean solutions
  • Automatic, microprocessor controlled
  • Permanent media
  • High flows – 50 to 500 gpm
  • Corrosion resistant – PVC or CPVC
  • CE Conforming


  • Dramatically reduces media and disposal costs.
  • Improves finished goods and process quality, significantly increases yields, practically eliminates scrap and rework.
  • Reduces chemical consumption by maintaining solution quality.
  • Minimizes solution maintenance with high flow, continuous particle removal.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements by polishing clarifier overflow.