Metal Finishing Equipment

Salt Spray Cabinets

The two primary manufactures of Salt Spray Cabinets are Auto Technology and Singleton Corporation. Both build high quality equipment and provide excellent service. JSA works with both manufacturers to help customers find replacement parts, answer questions about chamber functionality, update old systems and quote new units. JSA also supplies premade ASTM Certified Salt Spray Solution for all B117 test chambers. When requesting a quote for a new chamber there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Size of the parts that need to be tested
  • Quantity of parts that need to be run at the same time
  • Number of salt spray hours the parts require
  • How often do parts need to be tested
  • Where will the cabinet be located – separate room is recommended
  • Accessibility to DI Water
  • How will the cabinet be ventilated

These are some of the main points that should be discussed to help properly size a system for your application.


There are a number of salt spray or salt fog chamber sizes available, along with numerous options and accessories. Here are some of the details:

  • Auto Technology Model Sizes in Cubic Feet – 15, 20, 30, 68, 100 & 130
  • Singleton Corporation Model Sizes in Cubic Feet – 9.3, 18, 30, 63, 73, 96, 120, 128, 160
  • Test Methods – ASTM B117 (Salt Fog), Mil-Std-883, Method 1009.5, G85 A1 (Acetic Acid), B368 (Cass), Mil-Std 810D, Method 509.2, and more
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS for cabinet and Humidifying tower temperature. Accuracy +/- 1 degree F. (Certification included.)
  • Wet and dry bulb digital temperature display
  • Plexiglas humidifying tower with aerator, relief valve and heater.
  • Low-water cut-off protection on humidifying tower heater. Heater turns off in the event of a dry condition.
  • Over temperature protection on ALL heaters.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Cabinet heaters.
  • Combination oil and water extractor and air regulator.
  • Plastisol-coated support racks. (number dependent on chamber size)
  • Three plastisol-coated support bars.
  • Leveling bolts.
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Installation and operation manual.
  • Collector funnels, 80 sq. cm. (number dependent on chamber size)
  • Graduated cylinders, 100 ml. (number dependent on chamber size)