Metal Finishing Equipment

Rinse Tank Controller

Using conductivity to monitor the quality of rinse water is an effective way to minimize usage without sacrificing water quality. The Myron L® CONTROLSTIK II™ provides conductivity control in a complete package with 3 components:

  1. Transformer Box – Reduces line power to safe level for sensor and solenoid valve
  2. Solenoid Valve – Corrosion resistant unit with flow control and manual override
  3. CONTROLSTIK Sensor – Adjustable set points and 2 ranges for tap and purified water


The three parts of the CONTROLSTIK II System are easily installed. The CONTROLSTIK II (conductivity sensor) is set at a tolerable contamination level and submerged in the tank. Water cannot flow into the tank until drag-in from rinsed parts causes the contamination level in the tank to rise above the pre-set point. The CONTROLSTIK II (sensor) then signals the solenoid valve to open, adding fresh water. As soon as this fresh water dilutes the contamination to the tolerable pre-set level, the CONTROLSTIK II (sensor) closes the valve.