Metal Finishing Equipment

Replacement Filter Plates & Cloths

Replacing filter cloths and gasketing regularly will help maintain the performance of the filter press. There are a variety of filter cloth styles available including a new weave pattern that helps sludge release more easily (Type V, Satin Weave).

  • Caulked Gasketed Recessed Chamber Cloths
  • Non-Gasketed Recessed Chamber Cloths
  • Plate & Frame Drape Over Cloths
  • Material – Polypropylene
  • Weave Style – Oxford, Twill, Satin

Please download the measurement guides for the sizing requirements and email us that information.  A JSA Technical Salesperson can also come in and take the necessary measurements for you.  Common filter press cloths are stocked for immediate shipment.  Custom cloths are made to order and shipment can be made as quickly as one day in an emergency.

Replacing Filter Plates may also be necessary if you are expanding your filter press capabilities or if plates get damaged over time. Please request a quote and include the part number on the plate, the manufacturer of the filter press and the quantity required.


Replacement Filter Plates fall into 3 main categories: Head Plates, Intermediate Plates, and Tail Plates. When requesting a quote it is important to indicate the filter press manufacturer, the number of plates you require and specify Head, Tail or Intermediate. The size of the plate, typically indicated in “mm” as in 470 mm or 630 mm, is also necessary and is often written on the plates.

Filter press cloths are available in a variety of sizes and weave patterns.  New satin weave provides optimum filtration with improved sludge release capabilities.  Gasketing, O-Rings and the following accessory equipment are also available: Cake Removal Spatula, Caulking Wedge and Caulking Hammer.  Please review the measurement guide documents for details on how to properly measure a filter plate.