Chemical Solutions

Plating on Plastic

Electroplating metal on non-conductive plastic is not easy so multiple steps are needed.  The chemicals required to make plastic conductive are aggressive, hazardous and expensive. Okuno International Corporation developed a more effective and environmentally friendly direct metalization process that has the following benefits:

  • Over 10% reduction of surface rejects possible
  • Reduction of at least 8 steps over the conventional process
  • Dramatic reduction of waste treatment pressure
  • Environmental improvement using fewer chemicals
  • Reduction in processing time
  • More cost effective to operate


Okuno’s Direct Plating CRP (Chemical Reduction Plating) Process for ABS and PC/ABS resins. Process cycle is as follows:

  1. Degreasing – surface cleaning
  2. Surface Conditioning
  3. Etching
  4. Neutralizing
  5. Pre-dipping
  6. Catalyzing
  7. Conducting
  8. Acid Copper Plating

Conventional Plating on Plastic Process

  1. Degreasing – surface cleaning
  2. Etching
  3. Neutralization
  4. Catalyzing
  5. Accelerating
  6. Electroless Nickel Plating – costly and difficult to waste treat
  7. Acid Activation
  8. Strike Plating
  9. Acid Activation
  10. Acid Copper Plating