Chemical Solutions

Phosphate-Free Coatings

When a non-phosphate and non-zirconium based conversion coating is required, Torch Surface Technologies Eco Quest line of products is an excellent alternative.  When selecting a phosphate-free conversion coating, it is important to consider the following:

  • Metal to be coated – steel, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc die cast, galvanize, etc.
  • Application – spray or immersion
  • Salt spray – any corrosion testing requirements?
  • Single step or multi-stage



Eco Quest is a revolutionary advanced bonding and anti-corrosion treatment for all metals. Formulated to replace conventional Iron or Zinc phosphate products in pretreatment applications. This unique process provides a dry in place polymeric coating that crosslinks with subsequent top coats to provide improved adhesion and corrosion protection.

  • Non Hazardous, Metal Free, Moderate pH
  • Multi Metal Capabilities (Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Galvanize)
  • Non Sludging, Reduced Waste & Maintenance
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Single Step, Clean & Coat Available