Metal Finishing Equipment

pH/ORP Meters

Meters measuring a combination of pH and ORP are often used in waste treatment, metal precipitation and cyanide destruction. Controllers are capable of dispensing chemicals to adjust pH and ORP values. JP Tech pH/ORP controllers and monitors offer the following benefits:

  • Meters include two universal pH and ORP inputs.
  • Input dampening for slow-to-react adds.
  • Auto/Manual temperature compensation
  • Two built in peristaltic pumps. Hose kit included.
  • Each pump has independent setpoints.
  • Relays can control temperature when temperature compensated cables are used.
  • Permanent memory, no batteries to replace.
  • Backlit display for low light levels.
  • Small in size; All plastic to resist even the harshest environment.
  • Simple wiring reduces installation time and cost.

When requesting a quote please include the following information:

  • Description of the chemical process
  • Controller and/or monitor required
  • Quantity of meters needed


The measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution is expressed as pH, where lower values (below 7 on the pH scale) are acidic and higher values (above 7) are alkaline. The pH scale range is 0-14 with 7 being neutral.

Oxidation-Reduction Potential or ORP is a measure of charged ions in solution, either positive or negative.  An ORP electrode measures the electrical charges from the ions and converts them to millivolts (mV).