Chemical Solutions

Paint Strippers

Stripping paint, powder coat and e-coat was once a difficult and hazardous task. Torch Surface Technologies has developed two new more environmentally friendly products to help customers better manager their hooks, plugs and critical parts. Stripping in-house saves time and money. To help us recommend the product that best suits your needs, please provide the following information:

  • Type of coating that needs to be stripped – Powder Coat, E-Coat, Wet Paint, Lacquers, etc.
  • Thickness of the coatings that need to be stripped
  • Type of components that need to be stripped – fixtures, hooks, plugs, etc.
  • Size and type of parts that would need to be stripped – difficult for job shops so just estimate


Torch Surface Technologies LLC manufactures unique specialty chemicals including two environmentally friendly industrial paint strippers.

ERASE is a non-hazardous stripper for powder coatings, paint, epoxy, autodeposition coatings, varnishes and adhesives. ERASE is safe to use on ferrous & non-ferrous metals as well as certain plastics, and can eliminate the need for hot caustic strip tanks, burn off ovens and media blasting. No strong or nasty odor and an extremely high flash over 205F. ERASE safely, quickly and effectively removes powder coatings by dissolving the coating into a filterable particulate. Typical stripping times range from 15 minutes to 1-2 hours at room temperature.

VANISH EPS-2 is a non-flammable, non-HAPS, mildly acidic stripper for E-coat, Powder Coat, Epoxy, Dip Spin and other difficult to remove coatings. Effective on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and inhibited to prevent attack on the base metal. VANISH EPS-2 is heated to 120-150F to provide a rapid strip rate. Coatings will wrinkle and disassociate from the part surface in large sheets that can be filtered out to extend the life of the solution.

Samples of these products are available for testing.