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Nickel Plating

Decorative nickel plating requires more attention and service because of the demand for aesthetic perfection. JSA represents PAVCO decorative and functional nickel plating technologies. Beyond the excellent laboratory and analytical services, PAVCO provides the following products:

  • Bright Nickel – several systems designed for fast leveling, high brightness, excellent ductility and chrome receptivity
  • Semi-Bright Nickel – several systems designed for low electronegative potential, for plating on plastics, and for a highly leveled layer under bright nickel
  • Microporous Nickel – sacrificial layer under chrome that meets automotive corrosion resistant requirements
  • High Performance Additives – excellent troubleshooting products to solve organic and metallic contamination issues quickly


PAVCO has been in business since 1948 and their commitment to the metal finishing industry is on display at their new research and development complex shown here: PAVCO Research & Development Facility

PAVCO Bright Nickel

Merit M-3XL SOT1™ is the ultimate fast leveling, extremely bright nickel system designed as a low deposit thickness process. A non-index, high leveling system, Merit M-3XL SOT1™ is excellent for decorative finishing where high spec, multi-layer nickel plating is required. Merit M-3XL SOT1™ is also suitable on most substrates and maintains very good chrome receptivity. As a single additive system, Merit M-3XL SOT1™ is very economical and simple to operate. Other nickel systems can be easily converted to Merit M-3XL SOT1™.

Merit MB-1™ is a high performance, single additive, index-based bright nickel which produces an excellent, bright, ductile nickel deposit for the demanding decorative nickel plater, particularly suited for automotive applications. The exceptionally bright and leveled deposit over a wide current density range exhibits excellent chrome receptivity and is compatible for use over most substrates, including plastic.

PAVCO Semi-Bright Nickel

Merit SB LP™ is a semi-bright nickel plating system that meets the undercoat requirements for a duplex nickel deposit by producing a highly levelled deposit with excellent ductility and low electronegative potential. All additives are liquid and free of harmful breakdown products requiring frequent carbon treatments. A single additive is normally required for maintenance, creating simplicity for ongoing maintenance.

New Era SB is a semi-bright nickel plating system which produces a highly leveled, ductile deposit that exhibits exceptional corrosion protection when used as an undercoat in a duplex nickel system. New Era SB does not require the use of formaldehyde and requires only one maintenance additive.

PAVCO Microporous Nickel

IMP™-NI is a nickel process used to produce a sacrificial microporous layer under the chrome layer, which significantly enhances the corrosion resistance of the component. This automotive specified process meets the requirements of ASTM B-456 along with other automotive and exterior applications.

PAVCO Troubleshooting Additives

New Era Corrector is an ancillary additive for use use in nickel systems where build up of metal contaminants occurs. New Era Corrector can also be used to counter the effects of excessive brightener additions.

New Era Dispersant Wetter is an ancillary additive for bright nickel plating solutions. New Era Dispersant Wetter minimizes the effects of organic contamination. New Era Dispersant Wetter is not intended for continuous use and must only be used as recommended by Pavco technical staff.

ZTAD is an ancillary additive for use use in nickel systems where additional brightness is needed in low current density areas. ZTAD also performs well in reducing the effects of metallic contamination, without reducing brightness of the deposit.