Metal Finishing Equipment

Metering Pumps

In the metal finishing industry metering pumps are used in many areas, including waste treatment to add pH adjusting chemicals and on process tanks to replenish proprietary additives.  There are many styles, features and options, but the main purpose of each metering pump is to provide a controllable and accurate means of dispensing chemicals.

  • Pump Rates Ranging from 0.001 to 25 GPH
  • Adjustable Stroke Frequency
  • Automatic Control via 4-20mA Inputs
  • NEMA 4X Enclosures for Corrosive Environments
  •  Flow Verification Available – Visual Notification for Flow Loss
  • Repair & Maintenance Kits Available for All Models


There are many metering pump options, ranging from high end electronic units to low cost analog pumps.  When selecting a metering pump it is important to consider the following:

  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Viscosity of the Chemicals Being Pumped
  • Flow Rate Required – Usually in Gallons Per Hour (GPH) or Per Day (GPD)
  • Pumping Distance
  • Control Requirements – Automatic From a PLC or Manual

When requesting a quote, please provide the following:

  • Description of the Chemicals Being Pumped
  • Pumping Volume Per Hour or Per Day
  • Automatic or Manual Control

If replacing an existing pump, please provide the following when requesting a quote:

  • Manufacturer and Model Number