Chemical Solutions

Iron Phosphate

Iron phosphates are used primarily as a pretreatment prior to paint and powder coating to provide improved adhesion.  When selecting an iron phosphate, here are some things to consider:

  • Metal to be coated – steel, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc die cast, galvanize, etc.
  • Application – spray or immersion
  • Salt spray – any corrosion testing requirements?
  • Single step or multi-stage


JSA represents Torch Surface Technologies for phosphate, zirconium and phosphate-free conversion coatings. Torch manufactures an extensive line of iron phosphate products for pre-paint treatments, applied by spray or soak, single stage up to 7 stage for both ferrous and non ferrous substrates. Providing excellent paint adhesion and superior bonding & salt spray results. Torch can tailor a product to match your individual process and achieve your performance and quality goals.

Bond Guard

3, 5 & 7 Stage processes for all types of metals.

  • Internally Accelerated
  • Multi Metal Capabilities: Aluminum, Zinc, Galvanize & Ferrous Metals
  • Low Temperature Options Available
  • Proven to provide over 1000 hours salt spray resistance

Clean & Bond

Steam Wand & Immersion Processes formulated for single step cleaning and phosphating.

  • High performance detergent package for optimum cleaning.
  • Unique formulations to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion control
  • Multi Metal Capabilities: Aluminum, Zinc, Galvanize & Ferrous Metals
  • No Rinse, Single Step Options available


Final Seal Rinses to provide the highest level of adhesion and corrosion protection.

  • We offer a variety of final seal rinses for any type of pretreatment process. Our NCS sealers are ideal for promoting adhesion and extended salt spray performance.
  • Non Chrome
  • Dry in place, passivating & zirconium options