Metal Finishing Equipment

Horizontal Pumps

The two most common types of Horizontal Pumps used in the metal finishing industry are Magnetic Drive and Direct Drive. Magnetic Drive pumps utilize a series of magnets to rotate the impeller.  Only the impeller comes in contact with the solution. Direct Drive pumps depend on the motor shaft to rotate the impeller and seals are used to prevent the solution from leaking. There are many material and design options available and understanding the chemistry is critical for selecting the right style of pump. Here are some things to consider when requesting a quote:

  • Type of solution being pumped
  • Temperature of the solution
  • Volume of the solution being pumped
  • Distance the solution has to be pumped
  • Incoming voltage requirements for the pump motor



Available horizontal pump manufacturers include:

  • Finish Thompson
  • Goulds Pumps
  • March Pumps
  • Penguin Pumps
  • Sethco® Horizontal Pumps