Chemical Solutions

Floor Cleaners

Keeping the floor clean in a metal finishing facility or plating department may not be a high priority, but it can improve the environment and be a helpful safety practice. The cost effective floor cleaner options we can provide have the following benefits:

  • Rapidly penetrates grease and oils for quick cleaning
  • Sold in concentrates to minimize freight costs; used anywhere from 1-10% by volume
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Can be used in automatic floor scrubbers, pressure wash equipment and spray bottles
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance
  • Can be used on all metal surfaces without attack


Torch Surface Technologies manufactures high strength cost effective floor cleaners for industrial applications.

Torch Floor Cleaner Cost Buster

  • Cost effective formulation
  • Contains additive to prevent odor causing biological growth
  • Can also be used on vinyl surfaces, siding, motor homes, boats, etc.

Torch Ultimate Degreaser Floor Cleaner

  • High strength, high solids formulation for the worst floor conditions
  • Rinses freely and leaves no residue
  • Highly effective in power washing applications