Metal Finishing Equipment

Electroless Nickel Controllers

The premier electroless nickel controller is the ENControl™ Model 3300 manufactured by Palm. When set up and maintained properly, the Model 3300 will maintain a consistent concentration of nickel and sodium hypophosphite as well as a consistent pH in an electroless nickel plating solution. This consistency will help maintain the optimum plating rate, the optimum phosphorous concentration in the deposit, and the optimum corrosion resistance.

When requesting a quote, please include the following information:

  • Type of electroless nickel plating solution – High Phos, Mid Phos, Low Phos, Composite EN (type)
  • Size of the plating tank(s)
  • Method of cooling the sample prior to it entering the meter


Palm ENControl™ Model 3300 Electroless Nickel Controller


  • Analyzes nickel metal, pH and temperature
  • Automatic replenishment
  • 7 inch widescreen touch panel
  • Configurable audible alarms
  • Built in graphing
  • Full internal datalogging
  • Nickel Save™ technology
  • On screen graphing for Nickel and pH
  • Inventory levels of replenishers
  • History of replenishments made and bath MTO
  • Constant display of last analysis
  • Custom pH ramping technology allows up to five pH setpoints to track to five MTO setpoints
  • Colorimeter incorporates COLORSHIFT™ technology which compensates for the natural color changes in the bath that occur due to bath age.
  • Nickel Save™ allows you to set a metal turn over point to reduce the Nickel Setpoint. This saves nickel by not disposing a 100% concentrated bath.
  • Internal database memory keeps the data from the last 50 control cycles. The user can cycle through them during a control cycle or look them up at any time.