Metal Finishing Equipment

Disc Filters

Plate or disc filtration systems provide high surface area and the ability to pre-coat filter media to achieve 0.5 micron filtration. The ability to pre-coat the filter with activated carbon to remove organic contamination makes these systems the best option for high volume electroplating chemistry. When requesting a quote, please provide the following information:

  • Description of the solution being filtered
  • Size of the process tank
  • Number of times the solution needs to be filtered per hour
  • Incoming voltage and phase


Horizontal disc filter systems are available from 10 to 30,000 gallons per hour (gph). These filter systems are most commonly used on copper, nickel and zinc plating baths. Special modification are made for aggressive liquids such as acid copper, acid zinc or acid tin. The slurry tank and filter housings on the modified units are lined inside and out with ebonite, and the pump shaft is titanium.

  • Each filter is constructed and modified specifically for the solution it is filtering
  • Pump shafts, solution piping and all components that touch the solution have to be chemically resistant
  • Single or dual chamber filters are available depending on the solution volume
  • Slurry tank is important for pre-coating the filter with filter aid and activated carbon