Metal Finishing Equipment

Digital Tank Timers

Customizable Digital Tank Timers with powerful audible and visual alarms will help increase processing efficiency and reduce the potential for rejects. Multiple alarm options include 5 different colors of beacon lights and 6 different audible alarms. Highly durable, corrosion resistant, and waterproof design make these timers a perfect fit for all metal finishing applications.

  • Large display, loud alarm & bright flashing beacon light
  • Quick and easy time change
  • Waterproof, chemically resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Standard units readily available, or customize your own
  • Battery powered or AC plug options
  • NIST Calibration available
  • Red, Blue, Green, Amber & White beacon colors available
  • Model T4 – Battery Powered
  • Model T5 – AC Plug 110V Powered
  • Model T6 – Large Display Model


Digital Timer counts up or down from the time you set. When the cycle is completed, a very loud 103dB warbling buzzer sounds, and the front button lights up.
Easy to program with only three buttons.

Waterproof, corrosion-proof IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure is built for plating lines, commercial kitchens, factories, and any wet or corrosive environment.


The blue buttons adjust the time up or down like a kitchen timer. The large green button in front starts and stops the time cycle. That’s it!

There are many different operation modes available that can be selected with DIP switches.  The default mode is a simple countdown (or up)  The default mode also allows you to set an early warning chirp at the time you choose.  You can select if either the button or LED beacon illuminate at this time.