Metal Finishing Equipment


SUR SEAL Danglers last up to 4 times longer than standard danglers because of the wear and cut-resistant vulcanized rubber molded sleeve and crimped cathode head design. Custom manufactured and sized specifically for the barrel style and the types of parts being plated. When upgrading from conventional cable danglers to the SUR SEAL Dangler, we need to know the following information:

  • Overall length and cable diameter of your current dangler
  • Length of dangler inside the barrel – this determines the sleeve length
  • The cathode head design options – crimped, molded and screw-on
  • Barrel size (L” x Diameter”) and how many amps per barrel on average?
  • What is the plating process in which the danglers are being used?


Molded sleeve prevents solution bleed-out. Vulcanized rubber increases durability and flexibility. Less down time, fewer rejects and lower operational costs.

Cable Diameters Available – 4/0 awg, 2/0 awg, 1/0 awg, #2 awg, #4 awg, #6 awg, #8 awg – awg stands for American Wire Gauge

Screw-on cathode heads are typically used in bright nickel applications where build-up occurs and the head can easily be removed, stripped and reused.