Chemical Solutions

Copper Plating

Copper plated deposits can be used as a final finish or more commonly as a base layer to provide protection of the substrate. The mechanical properties of the copper deposit allow it to be buffed and polished prior to nickel plating. Consider the following when selecting a copper plating system:

  • Type of Copper Plating – acid copper (dye & non-dye systems), cyanide copper, alkaline non-cyanide copper
  • Substrate – type of metal often dictates type of copper required (Example – zinc die castings requires cyanide copper)
  • Appearance – bright polished copper, dull copper as strike or base layer
  • Subsequent Finishes – bright nickel, black nickel, lacquer, etc.


PAVCO DeCuRate™ AM is a bright acid copper plating process for decorative applications. DeCuRate™ AM is a dyed process.

  • Mirror bright deposits within a short plating time
  • Highest leveling over a wide current density range
  • Excellent brightness and throwing power at the lowest current densities Simple maintenance
  • Economical operating costs