Chemical Solutions

Chemical Polishes

Chemically polishing or bright dipping metals is an effective way to prepare them for subsequent finishing operations.

  • Zinc Die Castings (primarily Zamak 3) – METALLINE ZP-960 will brighten and remove surface imperfections prior to plating
  • Brass & Copper Alloys – METALLINE AQUAPOLISH is a non-nitric bright dip that polishes, brightens and activates
  • Zinc Plated Deposits – METALLINE DIP 400ZN will remove any organic residue and brighten zinc prior to chromating
  • Cadmium Plated Deposits – METALLINE DIP 300CD will brighten cadmium plated deposits prior to chromating
  • Stainless Steel – Chemical polishes are available for primarily 300 series alloys, as are electropolishing chemistries
  • Steel – Chemical polishes are available for steel but they tend to be very aggressive
  • Aluminum – Bright dipping of aluminum is effective, but the aggressive chemistry is extremely hazardous and corrosive


Bright dipping is a general term referring to the chemical removal of oxides and surface imperfections which then increases the reflectivity and activity of a metallic surface. Bright dipping can be done as a stand alone process providing the final finish, or it can be incorporated into a plating process where subsequent coatings are applied. Bright dipping or chemically polishing parts prior to plating offers the following benefits:

  • Improved Adhesion – the active bright dipped surface provides a stronger bond
  • Reduced Plating Thickness – a brighter part may require less plating to achieve a bright decorative finish
  • Reject Reduction – removing surface imperfections prior to plating minimizes substrate related rejects