Chemical Solutions

Chemical Maskants

Chemical maskants are designed to protect critical surfaces during chemical finishing operations. Sometimes called stop-off lacquers, maskants are painted or sprayed on parts and allowed to dry before they are plated, anodized, painted or coated in some other way. There are a variety of chemical maskant formulations, and it may require some testing to select the best one for the application. To help us provide you with the best recommendation, please provide the following information:

  • Type of chemical process being used
  • Operating temperature of the solution
  • Description of the parts and the area that needs to be masked
  • Type of cleaning that can be done before applying the maskant
  • Any post baking that has to occur, and if so at what temperature


JSA supplies and services a broad range of chemical masking products from several manufacturers to help meet the extensive requirements of our diverse finishing customers.

AC Products, Inc. provides a full line of solvent and water soluble peelable maskants to meet global environmental standards. Their products are used in chemical milling, etching, anodizing, acid or caustic stripping, plating, black oxide, or powder coatings. Used extensively for aerospace and military applications, they are approved for the following specifications:

  • BAC 5772 is Boeing specification “Chemical Milling Aluminum Alloys”
  • BAC 5555 is Boeing specification “Phosphoric Acid Anodizing of Aluminum for Structural Bonding”

Tolber chemical division manufactures stop-off lacquers, maskants and solvent reducers for diluting and removing their applied maskants. They also manufacture plastisol rack repair products and three types of platers tape that can be used in applications up to 220F. Their diverse line of products are used across the finishing industry from anodizing to hard chrome.

Metalline Chemical Corporation manufactures a peelable high temperature stable Green Maskant 337 that is used extensively in electroless nickel plating. It will maintain its flexibility throughout the plating process and can be used in a variety of other finishing applications. In difficult to remove situations, such as threaded parts or blind areas, Toluene can be used to dissolve the coating.

JSA stocks AC Products, Tolber maskants and Metalline Green Maskant 337 centrally in our 10 state territory for prompt delivery.

List of processes where the maskants are used:

  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Hard coat anodizing
  • Type II anodizing
  • Bright nickel plating
  • Decorative chrome plating
  • Chemical milling
  • Electropolishing
  • Cadmium plating
  • Tin plating