Chemical Solutions

Burnishing Chemicals

Vibratory burnishing smooths rough edges and brightens metal surfaces using media and a soap solution.  There are a variety chemical options, so here are some things we need to know to recommend the best product for your application:

  • Types of metals being burnished – aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, zinc die cast, etc.
  • Method of burnishing – vibratory, tumbling, barrel deburring, other
  • Type of vibratory media being used
  • Any corrosion inhibiting requirements
  • Any chemical treatment limitations – no phosphates, no silicates, etc.


Burnishing chemicals are typically formulated to clean and brighten all types of metals. Both mildly acid and mildly alkaline based chemistries are available for testing. Concentrations ranging from 1/4 percent by volume to 5 percent by volume can be used depending on the cleaning and brightening requirements.