Metal Finishing Equipment

Brightener Feeders

Brightener feeders are an excellent tool for automatically maintaining electroplating chemical additives. A brightener feeder is hooked up to the shunt on the rectifier so it can read the amps while parts are being plated. Based on the chemical manufacturer’s recommendations, the brightener feeder is programmed to pump one or two additives simultaneously every set number of amp minutes or amp hours. For example, when setting up an acid chloride zinc brightener feeder it is common to program the unit to pump 1 gallon of brightener every 18-20 thousand amp hours.

When requesting a quote for a brightener feeder, please include the following information:

  • Description of the plating process
  • Number of additives needing to be replenished
  • Rectifier size (Volts & Amps)
  • Rectifier shunt size
  • Quantity of brightener feeders needed


Brightener Feeder Features & Options

  • 12 digit resettable cumulative amp/hour total.
  • 12 digit non-resettable cumulative amp/hour total.
  • EPA accumulated non-resettable time total.
  • Supports rectifier shunt sizes from 1A to 30000A @ 25 to 200mV!
  • Two built-in peristaltic pumps.
  • Each pump has independent set points/controls.
  • No dip-switches or pots! All menu driven with no lookup charts!
  • Backlit display for low light levels.
  • Small in size; All plastic to resist even the harshest environment.
  • Permanent memory. No batteries to replace!
  • Simple wiring reduces installation time and cost.


  • Countlink optional.
  • 230VAC powered optional.