Chemical Solutions

Black Oxide

BIRCHWOOD TECHNOLOGIES TRU TEMP® 2nd Gen Low Temperature Black Oxide Process operates at 200 – 210° F and forms a durable black oxide finish on all iron based alloys, including some stainless steel alloys.

The TRU TEMP® 2nd Gen is used as part of a two-stage chemical reaction, beginning with the activation of the surface with OXYPRIME®, which is then oxidized to form the black magnetite finish.  The black finish can be sealed with an appropriate rust preventive topcoat for optimum appearance and corrosion resistance



You asked us for a darker and cleaner finish. TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN delivers on that and more. The new patent pending TRU TEMP® 2nd GEN mid-temperature black oxide is a re-engineered and improved finish based on the original and widely used TRU TEMP® XL introduced in 2001.

Operating at the same safe temperature range of 200° – 210°F, TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN achieves a quality, black oxide finish on an expanded range of high-alloy/high-strength steels and iron. The magnetite finish is non-dimensional (1 micron thick) and ideal for machined components, non-machined components, powdered metals, MIM, tooling, gears, sucker rods and more.