Metal Finishing Equipment

Auto Hoze Filla®AF-3

If overflowing tanks is a regular occurrence, consider the third generation AUTO HOZE FILLA® manufactured by GIZMO Engineering:

  • Rugged Design – 1/2 PVC plate, adjustable locking pliers
  • Corrosion Resistant – 304 SS float valve with polyethylene float
  • Easy to Install – Simply clamp to the lip of the tank and attach a garden hose
  • Adjustable – Easily adjust the float level using thumbscrew
  • Cost Effective – Helps to eliminate costly tank overflow issues


Overflowing a tank is costly for many reasons:

  • Production downtime
  • Employee safety
  • Chemical replenishment
  • Waste treatment issues
  • Potential rework and rejected parts

GIZMO Engineering redesigned the Model AF-3 AUTO HOZE FILLA® to help eliminate overfilling of costly chemical process tanks.

Another simple, logical and cost effective design from GIZMO Engineering. Please contact your local JSA technical salesman for more information or to schedule a product demonstration.