Chemical Solutions

Acid Salts

All metals require an acid pickle prior to plating or finishing. Acid salts are a powdered blend of traditional liquid acids that provide the following benefits:

  • Safety – powdered acid salts won’t burn like strong liquid acids
  • User Friendly – acid salts packaged in bags are easy to slowly add to the tank
  • Improved Activation – additives can be blended in to help promote activation & plating adhesion
  • Electrolytic Pickling – certain formulations can be used as an anodic or cathodic pickle
  • Options – many unique formulations are available to meet your exact requirements

Contact a JSA representative to help you select the best acid salt for your finishing process.



Acid salts are most often used when less aggressive and more directed acid pickling is required, such as in the following examples:

  • Plating on copper & brass alloys
  • Reactivating nickel alloys
  • Mild pickling of steel
  • Precious metal plating
  • Finishing of delicate metal components

Blends of acids in salt form provide many benefits. The following acids and additives are commonly used in unique formulations:

  • Chlorides & Sulfates –  the base for many acid salts – safer that using liquid hydrochloric and sulfuric acid
  • Fluorides – help with nickel activation and lead activation
  • Citric Acid – used to help remove surface smut
  • Nitrates – safer form of nitric acid