Chemical Solutions

Acid Additives

The acid pickle tank is a critical step in the plating & finishing process.  Acid additives like Metalline Ambienol® C can be added to the acid pickle to provide the following benefits:

  • Inhibitor – minimizes the attack on the substrate
  • Extends Acid Life – slows the iron build up in solution
  • Oil Removal – without an additive, oil will remain on the acid surface and redeposit on parts
  • Tank Cleaning – surfactants in the acid additive will improve the cleaning ability of the acid
  • Carbon Scale Removal – active ingredients target carbon scale for improved heat treat scale removal
  • Fume Reduction – provides thin foam blanket on acid surface to minimize fuming


The acid pickle solution performs the following functions:

  • Rust removal
  • Heat treat and weld scale removal
  • Activation of the surface to help improve plating adhesion
  • Neutralization of any residual alkalinity from cleaning steps

Acids perform the functions above but they do no emulsify oil. Without the addition of an acid additive, oil will float on the surface of the acid solution and be carried down the line where it can negatively affect the plating or finishing process.