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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has John Schneider & Associates, Inc. (JSA) been in business?

A: JSA has been servicing the metal finishing industry since 1952, providing both chemistry and equipment for plating, anodizing, antiquing, black oxide, paint stripping, parts stripping, rust prevention and metal cleaning, which includes soak cleaning, electrocleaning, acid pickling and bright dipping.  


Q: What states do your direct sales people cover?

A: The JSA home office is in Mequon, Wisconsin and our full time salesmen cover 9 states in the Midwest; Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, and a small section of Northern Indiana.


Q: Who can take advantage of your products and services?

A: The technical sales engineers at JSA can assist any customer that has metal parts requiring cleaning or corrosion protection.  JSA will provide products and services to the smallest "mom & pop" job shop cleaning small batches of parts, to the largest corporation with multiple process lines operating 24 hours a day.     


Q: What types of equipment do you sell to metal finishers?

A: Through strategic partnerships we have established ourselves as a full service provider, which means we can provide nearly every product a plater needs to operate their facility.  On the equipment side we can provide complete turnkey plating lines, heaters/controllers, air diaphragm pumps,drum pumps, sump pumps, vertical pumps, filter systems, filter media and oil absorbent media, plating barrels, replacement barrel gears, replacement rack line components, brightener feeders, metering pumps, pH meters, conductivity meters, laboratory equipment, drum handling equipment and tank magnets. 


Q: What types of chemicals do you sell?

A: The general framework for most metal finishing lines is as follows: Clean - Rinse - Pickle/Etch - Rinse - Main Finishing Operation - Rinse - Post Treatment.  JSA provides both proprietary and commodity chemicals from start to finishing, from Cleaning to Post Treatments, for most all metal finishing processes including anodizing, antiquing, black oxiding, bright dipping of copper & brass, electropolishing of stainless steel & aluminum, electroless nickel plating, bright nickel plating, tin-nickel plating, zinc nickel plating, alkaline & chloride acid zinc plating, bright &matte tin plating, tin-bismuth plating, plating-on-plastics (POP) and some precious metal plating.  


Q: What industries do your products support?

A: Our zinc and zinc-nickel plating chemicals, and high protection chromates and topcoats are used extensively in the following industries: automotive/motorcycle fasteners & stampings, agricultural couplings, bearing manufacturing, computer chassis, personal and industrial lock manufacturing, mining equipment and anywhere sacrificial corrosion protection and high salt spray hours are required.  

Our electroless nickel plating chemicals are being used in the following industries:automotive/motorcycle, firearms manufacturing, oil field, electronics, plastic mold manufacturing, aerospace, memory disc manufacturing, and anywhere highly engineered functional yet decorative finishes are required.  

Highly decorative finishes such as bright nickel, black nickel and tin-nickel alloys are used in automotive & motorcycle manufacturing, the golf industry, eyeglass frame manufacturing and anywhere an attractive aesthetically pleasing finish is required. 

The tin and tin bismuth plating process are used extensively in electronics and anywhere soldering is required.  

Anodizing equipment & chemicals are used in aerospace, architectural, military and firearms industries, as well as anywhere bright colored finishes are required on aluminum.