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Meet The Founder

John Henry Schneider

John Henry Schneider received his Aeronautical Engineering degree from University of Minnesota in 1941 and joined the Army Air Corps as a Captain. After leaving the military with the rank of Major, he was employed in the chemical industry as a cleaning and metal preparation specialist.

In 1951, John formed John Schneider & Associates, Inc, selling and distributing chemical products and equipment to industries involved in painting, black oxide, electroplating and anodizing.

In 1967, John introduced several of his own products under his Metalline Corporation label. Under John’s leadership, Metalline Corporation continued to grow by developing new specialized metal finishing formulations and setting up distributors across the U.S. JSA also expanded throughout the upper midwest, hiring and training salespeople to understand the technical aspects of the industry as well as the importance of customer relationships. Before his passing in 2009, John was able to see JSA become the largest full-service metal finishing supplier in the midwest.

Our Skills & Expertise

We’re looking for customers like you that are seeking knowledgeable and experienced partners more than suppliers simply providing products. Successful business outcomes have always been the focus at JSA since our founding in 1952.

We invest in consistent chemical, product and equipment training that has helped to make us exceptional metal finishing troubleshooters. Years of hands-on technical problem solving and involvement in new product development makes JSA a reliable choice for metal finishing solutions.

Deb Fahey Team Photo

Debra Fahey

Secretary Treasurer
Joined team JSA in 1984
Deb manages many of the most important operational aspects of JSA, including accounting, payroll, human resources and ISO auditing. Deb studied finance at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and was first hired by John Schneider over 37 years ago. As a wonderfully selfless teammate, you may also have the pleasure of speaking with her on the phone when she helps support the primary customer service representatives.
Jessica Dolezal Team Photo

Jessica Dolezal

Purchasing Specialist/Inventory Manager
Joined team JSA in 2008
Some customers think that Jessica works specifically for them because of her kindness, compassion and follow through on their orders. One of Jessica’s many responsibilities is maintaining the chemical inventory in our three warehouses, ensuring that products are delivered as quickly as possible.
Renata Poetzl Team Photo

Renata Poetzl

Accounting Specialist – Accounts Payable/Receivable
Joined team JSA in 2014
It’s hard to imagine a friendlier, more understanding person asking you to pay your bills. Renata (pronounced hen-AH-ta) handles payables and receivables. She selflessly supports the rest of the team by helping with orders, billing, answering the phone and expertly consulting on office lunch options. Originally from Brazil, Renata moved to the US in 2003 and she prefers to experience the countryside by running through it, sometimes over 50 miles at a time.
Emma Tallmadge Team Photo

Emma Tallmadge

Customer Service Specialist
Joined team JSA in 2021
Emma is the newest member of the JSA inside customer support team. If there was a draft for customer service representatives, Emma would be the number one pick. Having worked in customer service since she was 14 years old, Emma understands the importance of listening, attention to detail and follow through. You will likely have the pleasure of speaking with her when you call our office.
Craig Stephan Team Photo

Craig Stephan

Technical Sales & Service
Joined team JSA in 1984
Craig has worked for JSA since graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point almost 40 years ago. After studying business and marketing, chemistry and industrial equipment became his new passion. Quickly, Craig became the top salesperson at JSA, and he continues to be a tremendous resource for both customers and coworkers.
Mike Lindemann Team Photo

Michael Lindemann

Business Development Manager
Joined team JSA in 1997
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, Mike spent a year analyzing metal alloys in a stainless steel foundry. That knowledge and business experience helped Mike transition to a Technical Support position at JSA over 23 years ago. Mike’s passion for helping customers, solving problems and developing new opportunities for his coworkers make him an important leader on the JSA team.
Jeff Smith Team Photo

Jeff Smith

Regional Technical Sales Manager
Joined team JSA in 2004
Jeff’s fun and compassionate personality, combined with his strong technical problem-solving skills, make him a great asset to JSA and to his customers. Jeff’s Chemical Engineering degree from Iowa State provides a great base for helping customers resolve complex issues and maintain productivity.
Ben Zweiban Team Photo

Benjamin Zweiban

Business Development Associate
Joined team JSA in 2020
Ben brings a refreshing new perspective to JSA from his previous positions in sales and law enforcement. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, Ben has a strong technical aptitude and a passion for helping others. His strengths in marketing, sales, web development and social media will help take JSA to the next level.
Jack Smith Team Photo

Jack Smith

Technical Sales & Service Representative
Joined team JSA in 2021
As the newest member of the JSA technical sales team, Jack brings inside sales experience and a strong desire for outside sales to the Northern Illinois and Western Michigan region. Jack studied Business Management at Eastern Illinois University and developed his customer service skills supplying equipment to electrical contractors for several years.

Luke Dunteman

Technical Sales & Service Representative
Joined team JSA in 2022
Luke lives in Kansas City and provides technical sales and service to metal finishers in Missouri, Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from Iowa State, Luke has the analytical and technical ability to troubleshoot problems and keep process lines running smoothly. Luke’s ability to learn quickly combined with his desire to help people make him a tremendous asset to the JSA team and his customers.
Steve Schneider Team Photo

Steve Schneider

Joined team JSA in 1972
After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1972, Steve went to work for JSA designing and selling equipment systems, environmentally friendly chemistries and waste recovery systems to firms who electroplate, anodize and otherwise coat metals with decorative or protective finishes. Steve spent his first 12 years selling to firms in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. He then served as Sales & Operations Manager in Milwaukee for 16 years. Steve purchased the company in 1998 and his team expanded the business over the next 21 years, adding people and products and expanding geographically. In 2019, he sold the firm to Mark Sheldon, JSA’s Operations Manager, and remains active in training, product development and sales support.
Mark Sheldon Team Photo

Mark Sheldon

President & CEO
Joined team JSA in 1989
Mark began working for JSA after graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Chemistry degree over 32 years ago. He learned the business while working closely with John and Steve Schneider and has now become President and CEO after holding the positions of Technical Sales, Laboratory Manager and General Manager. His sales and industry knowledge guide the growth and direction of JSA.

We Solve Problems

All JSA salespeople are technically trained to solve all finishing related problems as well as administrative ones. Here is what you can expect from the JSA technical sales team:

  • Knowledge
    • Thorough knowledge of the finishing process, frequent supplier product training, a strong understanding of both chemicals & equipment and a desire to help maximize productivity, train customers and trouble shoot problems
  • Experience
    • Over 100 years of combined experience between the technical sales team; shared knowledge helps to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately
  • Expertise
    • Expertise resulting from years of hands-on technical problem solving, involvement in new product
      development and interaction with chemicals and equipment across the entire metal finishing industry
  • A Resource For All Your Finishing Questions
    • Work with over 200 suppliers to the finishing industry
    • Networked with other distributors across the country
    • Access to our supplier’s high tech laboratory facilities for troubleshooting
    • Provide expertise in new turn-key metal finishing & electroplating process line installations
    • Support & service all aspects of the finishing industry: anodizing, black oxide, chemical polishes, chromating of aluminum, chromating of zinc die castings, electroless plating, electroplating, parts washing, phosphating, Zirconium phosphate-free coatings

You Have Questions... We Have Answers.