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Tank magnets

The retrieval of steel parts from the bottom of process tanks can be a very difficult task. When steel hooks or rakes are used to recover parts from process tanks, damage can occur to the tank liner or tank wall. When the solutions are heated, or are corrosive in nature, this retrieval process can be very dangerous. 
     Rotary Tank Magnet      Rotary Tank Magnet D-15            


  • Stainless steel tube, frame and handle
  • Neoprene wheels, wiper and grip
  • Wheel diameter 2-5/8"
  • Tube od. 1-1/8"
  • Handle 48"
  • Longer to order


Tank magnets allow for efficient and safe retrieval of parts. Our tank retrieval tools utilize strong permanent magnets to ensure a successful capture. These tools do not have sharp hooks or prongs therefore, retrieval can be made without damaging the tank liner or tank walls. Neoprene wheels are utilized on the rotary tank magnets allowing your operators to roll the magnet across the bottom of each process tank or even the floor, easily.
The sweeping of acidic process tanks on a routine basis can extend the life of, or reduce the maintenance on, these process baths. Metallic fines, chips, and burrs can be removed before they are dissolved into the process bath.


Model TK-812

A powerful Alnico V horseshoe permanent magnet held in a stainless steel bracket and six-foot stainless steel handle with neoprene grip makes this tool impervious to most acids used in plating. An exceptionally fine tool for retrieving odd-shaped pieces from plating tanks.

Heavy Duty Tank Magnet


  • Magnet:
    • Over-all Length: 5"
    • Width 1-1/4"
    • Height 5-1/4"
    • Weight 5 lbs 

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Heavy Duty Tank Magnet Quotation Request