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Centrifugal dryers or spin dryers range in size from small tabletop units which utilize a 6” X 6” basket that can hold up to 5 pound loads, to larger dryer units which utilize 30” X 24” baskets for up to 800 pound loads.

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Spin dryers are avaiable with and without heat.  Non heated spin dryers or "chipwringers" are often used to spin off oils and other heat sensitive chemicals.  Heated spin dryers can utilize electrizity, steam or hot water to generate heat. 

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Drying times depend on the number of parts to be dried, the part configuration and the temperature at which the parts can be dried.  The intense heat generated by some spin dryers can damage the chemical finish of some plated parts, so most drying times and temperatures should be monitored.  The effect of damaging the chemical finish is typically a loss of corrosion resistance and premature failure in the field. 

Timers, ramp-up / ramp-down speed control, and variable speed control options are available.

The basket design and the size of the perforation can also vary. Please see our BASKETS section for more information.

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