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Durable and dependable spin dryer and dipping baskets are an important part of most metal finishing operations.  Selecting the right basket for your application is critical to the life and cost effectiveness of the basket.  Standard basket sizes range from 2" Dia.  X 4" Height to 24" Dia.  X 30" Height.  Customized baskets can be manufactured in any size, for any application.

Basket Examples  

Baskets can be manufactured of mild steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, titanium, and even a combination stainless steel & polypropylene. When choosing a material of construction, it is important to know what chemicals will come in contact with the basket and at what temperature those solutions will be maintained. 

It is also important to know the size of the smallest part that will be placed in the basket. You want to have the largest perforation possible, without having your parts fall through or stick-out of the basket. Larger perforations promote better solution movement, drainage and faster drying.  

Polypropylene and stainless steel mesh-lined baskets are used when processing very small parts. Mesh-lined baskets provide durability while allowing for the processing of small delicate components.

 Heavy duty support Girths

 Poly Stainless Basket

If you are processing heavy loads through your baskets, reinforcing the sides, bottom and handle will extend the life of the basket.  



Bottom Style

Several reinforced bottom styles are available to prevent break-through. 

 Square Bottom BasketRound Bottom BasketX Bottom Basket

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