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Rinse Tank Controller

Water is a valuable and costly resource. Conserving water not only makes good environmental sense, it makes good economic sense. For metal finishers, clean water is an absolute necessity. The MyronL Model 597 rinse water controller provides both measurably clean water and the ability to maintain cleanliness by optimizing the flow.  Designed to withstand industrial environments, the Model 597 is a cost effective addition to any rinse tank.  

Rinse Tank Controller

Design Features


Reduce Water Consumption & Maintain Water Cleanliness

· The CONTROLSTIK II adjustable conductivity sensor is designed to     maintain the desired cleanliness of the rinse water, and control the flow of fresh water through the solenoid valve


· IP65/NEMA 4X Rating Water and Corrosion Resistant


·  316 Stainless Steel


· Solid-State & Reliable

Temperature Compensation

· Automatic Temperature Compensation to 25ºC/77ºF up to 82ºC/180ºF

Solenoid Valve

· Valve features Anti-Hammer Closing, Adjustable Flow Control, and Manual Override  

Rinse Tank Controller2

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