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Plating barrels come in numerous shapes and sizes to accomodate a wide variety of part configurations and plating chemistries.  Each manufacturer has their own proprietary design and cylinders can vary in size from 2” x 4” to           24” x 60”.  Please contact a JSA technical sales representative for plating barrel recommendations, design details and current pricing. 

    Motorized BarrelSingleton Barrel

Double Barrel     Napco Barrel

 Portable Barrels

Portable plating barrels are designed to bulk process smaller more delicate parts or small lots of parts.  Most portable barrels are motorized using and are easily plugged in to a 110V outlet.  Materials of construction can vary depending on the chemical solutions being used.  A JSA representative can help you select the material and system best suited for your application. 

   Singleton Portable Barrel         Portable Barrel3

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