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Oil Absorbent products

Oil Absorbing Pads

 Excess oil can create a hazardous work environment in both manufacturing and chemical processing facilities.  When oils build up in chemical process tanks, it is called organic contamination and activated carbon filtration is necessary to remove the oil.  Oil absorbing pads can be used to help remove any residual oil that has come to the surface of the tank.  Contact a JSA representative to determing the best product for your specific chemical solution.   

Oil Absorbent Pads          Absorbent Pads

Chemical Absorbents

 Chemical absorbents are available to help control acid or alkaline spills. Hazmat Absorbent Socks & Dikes are designed to contain and control aggressive fluid spills. Able to absorb chemicals while preventing the spill from spreading, they complement other chemical spill absorbents such as mats, pads and rolls. 

  Absorbent Socks         Drum Absorbent Pads



  Encapsulate and Neutralize Acid and Base spills with our color-changing Absorbent Polymer, Acids change from purple to yellow and Bases change from orange to blue. You'll know our absorbents are working as they change colors, indicating that the spill has been neutralized. These absorbents encapsulate liquids as they are being neutralized. Absorbent polymer retains fluid to maximum capacity, forming a gel once the neutralization process has been completed. 

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