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Electric immersion heaters come in various styles and shapes to accommodate diverse industrial processing requirements.  Process Technology manufactures heaters out of mild steel, 304 & 316 stainless steel, quartz and PTFE Fluoropolymer.  Beyond the standard sizes, Process Technology designs specialty equipment to heat non-typical tanks and unique chemical solutions.  Contact a JSA representative for help determining chemical compatibility, proper sizing and the most efficient heater design. 

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Temperature Control

To determine the proper length of the dangler that you need for your plating barrel cylinder, you will need to measure the total distance from the electrical contact point on the superstructure, through the barrel head, to a point 1/3 of the distance into the barrel. The cathode head of the dangler should touch the bottom of the barrel at this point.

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Level control

Liquid level controls provide an automated way to maintain the proper solution volume in process tanks and waste treatment vessels.  Maintaining the solution level protects against tank damage and potential fires.  The Dual-probe units provide for single point control and the Multi-probe units allow  for two point control in refil/pump down applications.

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