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heavy duty danglers


The Newact Dangler is the only dangler with a completely vulcanized sleeve. The rubber sleeve is molded directly to the cable, reinforcing the cable jacket to resist cuts and bends. No significant loss if flexibility occurs with this molded sleeve, as is commonly seen in time with a plastic sleeve. This superior design substantially extends the life of the dangler, reducing maintenance and downtime, lowering operating costs.

   Molded DanglersCrimped-Over Molded Dangler

Extended life is one benefit of the sleeve. More important is the quality of the plated parts. The sleeve reduces the carry-over of chemicals from tank to tank often found in plastic sleeves. Newact Danglers are all custom manufactured to fit your individual barrels. Most cable sizes from 4/0 to #8 are available. Contact Newact or your local distributor with your dangler measurements. Special requests for knobs and moldings will be considered.

Double crimped knobs give a positive electrical connection and added strength not found in soldered knobs. Two types of knobs are available, standard and crimped-over.

how to measure a dangler

To determine the proper length of the dangler that you need for your plating barrel cylinder, you will need to measure the total distance from the electrical contact point on the superstructure, through the barrel head, to a point 1/3 of the distance into the barrel. The cathode head of the dangler should touch the bottom of the barrel at this point.

  Crimped Cathode Head Dangler Sleeve Shoulder Crimp-Over Dangler

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When replacing an existing dangler we need to know the following:

1. Overall length of the dangler - from the end of the electrical contact point to the end of the cathode head

2. The amount of dangler inside the barrel - this determines the molded sleeve length

3. The diameter of the cable - for most barrels 4/0 (four ought) cable is used

4. Size of the barrel - Ex: 18" dia.  x 36"

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