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Flexible slip-in liners are used in many industries such as metal finishing, petroleum, food industry, waste treatment facilities, agriculture, and many others. Among other things flexible liners can be used to line process tanks and waste treatment sumps or provide secondary containment in case of a chemical spill.

Drop In Liner

Slip-in liners are traditionally manufactured of flexible PVC and other high temperature materials. Other materials such as Hytrel, XR-5, polyethylene, or EPDM are available for special applications.

PVC Liner1   PVC Liner2

When a leak develops in a process tank, little time can be wasted. Repairing or replacing cracked process tanks is difficult, time consuming, and costly. Slip-in liners can be fabricated quickly, and will provide a dependable solution to your problem. By reducing down time they will save you money.

Slip-in liners are easy to install. Old lining material need not be removed, making installation easier. Special requests for unusual shapes, such as drains and bulkhead fittings, are easily accommodated.

Flexible slip-in liners can be fixtured to your process tank by utilizing rope & grommet or stainless steel clip supports.

For chrome plating baths, a double layer or an extra Teflon layer can be welded to the top 12" of the liner for extended life.

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