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Rust Preventatives

Protecting metal and preventing premature corrosion is the primary function of the metal finishing industry.  There are only a few metals that do not oxidize at room temperature and gold is one. Unless a barrier layer is applied, the majority of metals will rust and corrode until the physical characteristics of the material are compromised.  Slowing the process of oxidation can be accomplished a number of ways: through electroless or electrolytic plating, through anodizing (for some metals) and through immersing parts in oil, lacquer or water based rust preventatives.  Within the categories of plating, anodizing and immersion rust preventatives, there are numerous factors that will contribute to level of corrosion resistance required. 

Many metal finishing shops take on jobs that simply require “pickle and oil”, which typically involves soak cleaning, electrocleaning, acid pickling (with rinses in between) and an immersion oil or rust preventative to provide the barrier between the cleaned metal surface and the atmosphere.  Even most electroplated metal coatings require a barrier coating to help slow the effects of corrosion.  

Due to the great diversity of applications where rust prevention is required, JSA has formed strategic partnerships to provide the chemical technology to fulfill a wide range of customer requirements.  

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