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Paint Stripping

Removing paint, powder coat and E-coat without attacking the metal substrate can be a costly, time consuming and environmentally hazardous task.  Sending parts and/or racks out for stripping may be a good alternative to doing it in-house, but there can be high costs to that as well.  Fortunately there are formulations available that have reduced environmental effects and wide operating ranges to accommodate most applications.  Some products can be operated at room temperature when strip time is not critical, and the same products can be heated to 180°F when parts or racks need to be stripped rapidly. 

 It is important to speak with a JSA technical representative to determine chemical compatibility of the parts, racks, tank and heating system.  Sample parts can be tested to determine strip rates at varying temperatures to make sure the product performs to your specifications.  Please click here to answer a few questions so we can promptly and effectively help meet your requirements.  Thank you.